Supplier Sustainability and Diversity

We value opportunities to explore relationships with business owners & leaders from diverse and traditional backgrounds.

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Corteva’s purpose is to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come. Within the procurement organization, our focus on supplier diversity is one way in which we bring this purpose to life. We value opportunities to meet and explore business-to-business relationships with business owners and leaders of diverse and traditional backgrounds, business types and size of their businesses. We are proud that our global procurement team is an inclusion team that actively invites and includes diverse suppliers to participate in bid opportunities and to partner with us in serving our customers.

Globally our pure-play agriculture company has facilities in more than 60 countries. We have leveraged the supplier diversity engagements that our heritage DuPont, heritage Dow AgroSciences, and heritage Pioneer colleagues worked hard to establish. We are excited to keep growing across our regions as we continue to maintain and develop partnerships with the recognized diverse business certifying organizations in all regions. We engage to include eight different diversity types into our procurement activities. These diverse businesses help us serve our customers. These diverse business types include those owned and controlled by: women, ethnic minorities, aboriginal and indigenous people, military veterans, individuals with disabilities, those who are LGBT, and small businesses. These eight categories include approximately 76 sub-categories, created regionally to celebrate the richness of the people across the globe.

Global Reach via National, Regional Organizations

Globally we are and will be partnering with the recognized diverse business certifying organizations in all regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corteva’s strategic procurement policy is that we include high performing small and diverse suppliers in our supply chain.