Diversity FAQs

It is the strategic policy of Corteva Agriscience that our business engagements include high performing small and diverse suppliers in our supply chain. This is a component of our global commitment to diversity and inclusion as we work to deliver on our purpose of enriching the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come. Among the many ways we accomplish this is by ensuring that our supply base reflects of our customers, employees and the communities in which we live and work.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not addressed in the below please reach out to Michelle Morin (michelle.morin@corteva.com).

Q: What does it mean to have a world class supplier diversity program?

A: Per the RGMA five levels of supplier diversity program development, a world class program includes:

  • Process aligned with strategy, structure and culture
  • KPIs focused on contribution to shareholder value, and
  • Leadership that drives the process.

Q: Does Corteva keep other metrics on supplier diversity & sustainability (SD&S) performance?

A: Yes. As a new pure-play agriculture company we are very interested in measuring our global diversity and inclusion engagement with our suppliers, both as tier I and tier II. Some of the metrics we are focused on include measures of spend overall and across certification types, inclusion of diverse suppliers in the bid process, number of outreach events, number of suppliers we engage with at outreach events, growth or change overtime, savings opportunities tied to contracts with diverse suppliers, the number of tier I and tier II suppliers, and more. 

Q: What is tier II SD&D?

A: Tier II refers to the business exchange that occurs between our suppliers (known as tier I) and their small and diverse suppliers (known as tier II), eg, subcontractors who provide goods and/or services to our tier I suppliers. Corteva is interested to know the tier II spend, and our Tier I suppliers are expected to share that reporting with us on a quarterly basis.

Q: What regions are included in our SD&S program?

A: Corteva Agriscience’s engagement and impact is organized into four regions:

NA – North America: United States and Canada

LATAM – Latin America: Mexico, South America

E AME – Europe, Middle East, Africa

APAC – Asia Pacific, Pacific Islands, India, Australia

Q: Which certifications does Corteva accept?

A: We engage to include eight different diversity types into our procurement activities, so that diverse businesses help us serve our customers. These diverse business types include those owned and controlled by: women, ethnic minorities, aboriginal and indigenous people, military veterans, individuals with disabilities, those who are LGBT, and small businesses. 

These eight categories include approximately 76 sub-categories, created regionally to celebrate the richness of the people throughout.

Q: How many categories of Supplier Diversity exist? What is the difference between them?

A: There are many different categories of Supplier Diversity, some are government including local, county, state, federal, national governments. Others are organized by independent third-parties, and some are through chambers of commerce. Corteva has presence in various regions and engages with the primary certification types in each region. The differences occur with respect to the type of supplier classification, the size of a company, the ownership and control, the country itself, the region, and the various ethnic minorities within a country. 

Q: Who are the certifiers that you accept?

A: Disabled: Disability:IN (formerly USBLN - United States Business Leadership Network); Integrare Brazil; Integrare Chile

LGBT: NGLCC - National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and NGLCC Global – is the international division of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce;

Ethnic Minority, Aboriginal, Indigenous: NMSDC – National Minority Supplier Development Council; MSDUK; MSD China; CAMSC; Supply Nation; Integrare Brazil; Integrare Chile; and SASDC – South African Supplier Diversity Council

Women: WBENC - Women’s Business Enterprise National Council; WEConnect International

Veteran: NVBDC - National Veteran Business Development Council;

Small: SDB Small Disadvantaged, HUBZone, 8(a) from US Small Business Administration (SDB); and DBE Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Q: Why does Corteva want SD&S suppliers to be certified?

A: Certification lends credibility to the supplier diversity process due to the level of rigor needed to become and remain certified. Certified diverse suppliers frequently have additional opportunities to expand their business both within Corteva Agriscience and with other corporations. Certification may become the ‘differentiator’ in a competitive bid process.

Q: Does the Supplier Code of Conduct reference supplier diversity and sustainability?

A: Yes, there is supplier diversity and sustainability language included in our Supplier Code of Conduct. It says our suppliers are encouraged to have active diversity and sustainability programs and to support the businesses and communities where Corteva operates by engaging with small businesses and diverse categories. We value inclusive procurement practices with businesses of all types of ownership and control. In each of the countries within our global footprint, we encourage third-party diversity certification for our business partners that are owned and controlled by ethnic minorities, aboriginal people, women, individuals with disabilities, veterans, LGBT+ people, and small businesses. We value sustainability as a global company and encourage our suppliers to seek third-party assessment of their sustainable practices and policies.