SAP Business Network Information

Starting in October 2021, Corteva Agriscience began use of the Ariba Network - now called SAP Business Network - to transact and collaborate with suppliers that support our North America Crop Protection business unit.

Starting in October 2022, Corteva Agriscience began use of the SAP Business Network to transact and collaborate with suppliers that support our EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) Crop Protection business unit.

(We will be implementing this change in additional regions in the future – Please watch for continued communications.)

SAP Business Network will provide one procure-to-pay platform that will facilitate the transmission of our transactional documents, which will reduce transaction time, improve accuracy, and ensure the negotiated terms are followed.

Corteva is also transitioning to SAP Business Network for supplier onboarding and engagement. We call this initiative Supplier Management or Supplier Lifecycle Performance (SLP). Ariba Supplier Management provides comprehensive tools to manage suppliers. It helps reduce onboarding and qualification cycle time and allows for easier information sharing.

Suppliers that currently support our Crop Protection business unit in North America and/or EMEA are required to have an Enterprise or Standard account with SAP Business Network. Ariba has created a Corteva-specific supplier portal to provide additional information and resources for suppliers. (North America, click here. EMEA click here.)

Note: if you have questions for Ariba, including about account types and fees, you can reach Corteva’s Ariba Support Team here.

If you have questions for Corteva in North America, please email For questions for Corteva in EMEA, please email