Ariba Supplier Management - LATAM

We are pleased to announce a new initiative to improve our supplier qualification and collaboration processes. As you may already know, Corteva Agriscience is partnering with SAP Ariba® to build an end-to-end digital procure-to-pay process with our suppliers.  
Our Latam Crop Protection business unit will Go Live on SAP Business Network1 on 8 April 2024. After that, to communicate and collaborate with Corteva, you can either create a new SAP Business Network1 account or use a pre-existing SAP Business Network1 account. 
With your SAP Business Network1 account, you will be able to maintain your own profile data via Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires in SAP Business Network  and update and track your compliance with Corteva business processes.

How will Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires benefit you
Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires reduces onboarding and qualification cycle time, via exchange of questionnaires through the SAP Business Network 1. It allows you to digitally comply with annual Corteva processes. 

What kind of SAP Business Network1 account should I have for Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires? 
You only need a Standard account (no cost) to fully utilize Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires functionality. To learn more, please visit the Standard Account Services webpage
What if I already have an SAP Business Network1 account? 
You can use this existing account for your collaboration with Corteva 

When will this take effect?
We are targeting 8 April 2024 as the Go-Live date. 

What is the next step?
In March 2024, you will receive an email invitation from SAP Business Network1 regarding the Corteva Legacy Registration Questionnaire. Note: You will need to respond to the questionnaire to continue your collaboration with Corteva. 

If you have an existing SAP Business Network1 account, you can log into your existing account to answer the questionnaire. If you do NOT have an existing SAP Business Network1 account, you will need to create one. The site will walk you through the process, which only takes a few minutes.

We are confident that this change will strengthen our business relationship and allow for more robust collaboration. You can visit the Ariba information portal for more information. If you have technical questions for Ariba, please contact them here. If you have supplier questions for Corteva, please contact us at

1 Previously known as Ariba Network